Companies are not just numbers. In addition to financial capital, we know the intellectual, human and social capital of our clients, which allows us to see the indicators to measure the value of a business.



Valuation of companies and projects

Project structuring

Financial modeling

Capital raising


Legal Services

We maximize the value of our businesses through short- and long-term financial planning.

We have solid experience in different corporate finance solutions, both in the real estate sector and in other industries such as: hospitality, education, agriculture, energy, telecommunications, construction, logistics, among others.


Valuation of companies and projects

We perform financial valuation exercises for different purposes:

  • Majority or minority shareholdings;

  • Financial valuation of projects;

  • Valuation of intangible assets;

  • Valuations for audit purposes (IFRS standards);

  • Determination of Purchase Price Allocation (PPA);

Project structuring

We design the financial structuring of investment projects, considering among others:

  • The estimation of capital requirements over time;

  • Optimization of bank liabilities;

  • Calculation of operating and financial ratios;

  • Output value calculations;

  • Estimation of partner profitability;

Financial modeling

We build financial models “case by case”, which allow us to obtain the desired outputs in a clear way. Our models are delivered with the intention that the client can modify parameters and generate new scenarios. Some uses of financial models:

  • Project structuring;

  • Financing alternatives;

  • Financial restructuring;

  • As support for investment documents;

  • Financial modeling of projects and financial support during project execution;

Legal Services

Legal services are essential to ensure the safety and security of real estate transactions and to protect the rights and interests of all parties involved. We have a specialized team to minimize risks and ensure the success of real estate operations.

Capital raising

For our own projects as well as for third party projects, we have raised capital with investors and groups of recognized trajectory. In addition, we have provided support for the raising of bank debt, both in public and private banking.


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