We are a group of companies dedicated to the structuring, development and management of businesses and real estate projects.








Founded by a group of Costa Rican entrepreneurs, it is a group of companies dedicated to the formulation, structuring, development and management of projects and business opportunities. Our fields of action cover real estate, hospitality, real estate, corporate finance and environmental sustainability.

Our group consists of more than 35 professionals specialized in engineering, financial modeling, architecture, project management, corporate finance, continuous improvement, information technologies, marketing, marketing, financial advice and operations.

The human and technical quality of our team, responsible practices, high standards of corporate governance and its commitment to sustainability give us a competitive advantage that has allowed us to position ourselves as one of the most important companies in the sector.

To date, Grupo Saxum has managed businesses and developed projects for more than $120 million dollars in the real estate, residential, commerce, office, industrial, hospitality and environmental management sectors. Each project has incorporated the particular realities of the specific market and has a corporate governance plan that has allowed the best possible development for shareholders and their customers.


Rodrigo Quirós Carballo - President and CEO.

A leader by nature and with more than 30 years of experience in senior management positions in Costa Rica and Latin America, Rodrigo Quirós has developed his career in various industries and organizational cultures, in addition to actively participating in Boards of Directors, Chambers and Trade Associations.  He has also served as a university professor in the area of business management.
Rodrigo has assumed the mission of structuring sustainable businesses, “win-win” business relationships, and generating long-term sources of employment.  His ability to always assume new responsibilities and manage multidisciplinary work teams, has led him today to be CEO of a business group with a consistent level of growth in the field of real estate development, financial services, real estate brokerage, real estate management and hospitality services.




Build a better future for the generations to come


Leave a legacy to future generations; that each of our projects reflects sustainability, quality of life and innovation.


We believe in long-term business development, in an ethical way, with win-win relationships between the parties and in an area of trust. In all our activities we are guided by the following values:


We do our job with as much professional competence as possible.


We create a trusted environment in which we promote free access to information, open communication, and the participation of all employees in decision-making.


Our interdisciplinary team is a success factor for the holistic approach to our projects.


We are committed to developments in which, the needs of the present, do not compromise those of future generations.


Foundation under which we build all our relationships.


10A Avenue, 41- 45 Street, Los Yoses South, San Pedro. San José

+506 2210-1020